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Peace of Mind During Uncertain Times

Why Our Shelters are Safer

We at Safe Haven Storm Shelters, provide custom interior and exterior above ground safe rooms to protect you and your family from the most dangerous of tornados. We build each of our safe rooms to exceed FEMA standards (Rule 320). You and your family deserve to be safe when tragedy strikes. Let the professional staff at Safe Haven Storm Shelters help you find your Safe Haven.

Covering the State of TN and Surrounding Areas

  • Apison
  • Chattanooga
  • Cleveland
  • NE Alabama
  • NW Georgia
  • Ooltewah

Purchase Your Shelter Today

Protect your family from the dangerous storms that can occur any time any place by purchasing your own storm shelter by giving us a call at (423) 320-5867


Everyone should have a safe haven, a space to occupy, where fear and danger are absent. It’s difficult to find such a place in the real world. Locked doors and the comfort of home may create a false sense of security, and leave us unprepared for the physical dangers just outside.

For most, the safety of home is more of an idea or sentimental notion, and less of a real world reliability. Most of the spaces we occupy offer little protection from outside forces. Throughout history mankind has attempted to decipher and predict the forces of nature, but despite technological advancement, we remain humbled and in awe of their unpredictability. The ability to accurately and consistently predict weather eludes us even now. Severe weather especially proves difficult to forecast. Methods of notification and warning often fail to provide timely and adequate information, information which becomes essentially useless in cases of truly severe and life threatening weather.

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most violent expressions. Their sheer power and volatility create an almost supernatural reputation and a fear, that for most, resides in our thoughts much like a horror movie villain, whom we’ll never have to face. Unfortunately, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are real life killers, and most of us have been, or will be affected in some way because of severe weather. When that time comes, or comes again, and the feeling of impending disaster brings about a frantic, desperate attempt to find a safe haven, where will you be? Will you be in a closet or bathtub, or anywhere else that inspires false confidence, or will you have a place where safety and protection are guaranteed. At Safe Haven we offer such a place. Our shelters, and the lives and valuables they may contain, will survive, even if everything outside is lost. They are an investment that can never be unnecessary, and will always serve you and your family, by offering peace of mind and the promise of a safe haven when you need it most.