What is the turn around time for a shelter?
Turn around time is typically two weeks depending on the season.

What preparations do I need to take before installation day?
Provide a clear pathway to the area where the safe room will be installed.

How long does it take to install a safe room on an existing floor?
It takes two hours or less to install the safe room into an existing floor.

How sufficient is the air flow into the shelter?
Our units exceed the FEMA requirements for ventilation. We offer a battery operated fan to enhance air movement within the shelter.

What if I don’t have a garage or a basement?
If you do not have a garage or a basement, a structural concrete slab can be poured to install your safe room.

Can a safe room be installed in my basement?
We can install a safe room in your basement if you have an exterior means of access with a opening large enough for a safe room to pass through. We can also install a safe room in your basement during the construction of your new home.

Can your shelters be used for anything other than weather related safety?
Yes, some use their safe room to store valuables or other personal items.

If we lost power how will my shelter have lighting?
We offer two optional types of battery operated lights for your safe room. These lights will provide many hours of lighting

What types of shelters do you have that are handicapped accessible?
Our sliding door safe rooms provide a door opening wide enough for a wheelchair.

If I move homes can I take my shelter with me?
Yes, your shelter can be removed and reinstalled at your new home.

What are the safety tests that were performed on these shelters?
Our safe rooms are engineered to comply with FEMA and ICC guidelines. We take the extra step, for the safety of your family, to prove our engineering will withstand real world situations by having them impact tested at Texas Tech Wind Research Center. In our opinion,it is extremely important to verify the accuracy of the engineering with a physical test.